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We at Tele Link Taxis offer discount for students, 10% off the metered price or a fixed price journey to and from all of the university student accommodations. We regard ourselves as one of the cheapest taxi services

We understand that student life can be tough and that any discount will help. Also an increasing debt over your head cannot be nice but with our student discount we can make those little differences big.

If you are a student who regularly relies on a cab then you could save a lot of money with this 10% discount.

Remember travel within 1 mile of DMU and Leicester Uni for only £3.50!! (4 seater vehicle).

We understand that there are plenty of people starting UNI this coming September and most will have to travel long distances to get to their new accommodation and you are going to have a lot of luggage with you, this is the perfect opportunity to save some money on your travels.

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